Moving Day

Moving Checklist: What To Do When

Whether you are buying a new house, or your business is relocating to different premises, this moving checklist from Bryan Stevens Removals will help you get everything done in time for a stress-free moving day. Removals are our speciality, so we know just how to make things run more smoothly.

One month before

With four weeks to go before you move, get estimates for a local removal service and book your chosen removals company. A few expert pairs of hands will make moving day much more straightforward. Order packing materials, including boxes, tape and bubble wrap – or for an even easier move, find a company which offers a packing service, and let the professional packers make light work of boxing up your belongings.

To avoid taking things you don’t need to your new property, have a good declutter and donate, recycle or dispose of any unwanted furniture or other items. If you want to update your new house or office with fresh carpets or curtains, order these now.

Two weeks before

A fortnight ahead of the big day, it’s time to inform utility companies that you are leaving your current property. For added peace of mind, complete a Post Office mail redirection form. This paid service will ensure important mail reaches your new property and you never miss any post, which is particularly important during a business move. 

Make packing easier by starting to box up non-essentials now, like things stored in the garage, garden or loft. Avoid food waste by using up items from the freezer.

One week before

With seven days left, work through your change of address list. This list will vary depending on whether you are moving house or business premises, but might include updating your details with banks and financial organisations, GP and dental surgeries, insurance firms, and employers and schools. Speak to the council and ask for a council tax statement.

If required, organise childcare and petcare for moving day. If you are taking any plants from your current garden, transfer these into pots.

Two days before

Set aside a box of moving day essentials, including toilet paper, teabags, cleaning supplies, and medicines – plus anything else you will need to make the day less stressful. Defrost the freezer and disconnect dishwashers and washing machines.

On moving day

In your old house, strip the beds and keep your vacuum nearby for last-minute cleaning. Have a plan of where boxes and furniture should go in your new home, and share this with your removals team if you have hired one. 

At the new property, lay down sheets to protect carpets and floors while moving in. Plug in the kettle as soon as you can to keep everyone well-fuelled for lifting heavy boxes.

After moving in

Change the locks at your new property for added security. Take meter readings and contact utility companies. Unpack, then relax and enjoy your new home or office space.

Moving might be a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t need to be. To take the hassle out of moving house or relocating your business, trust Bryan Stevens Removals. We offer the complete domestic and commercial removals service, which can include packing for added convenience. 

Whether you are moving down the road or across the country, we aim to make it easier, so get in touch via our contact form or call 024 7665 9955 to get a quote for moving with us.