Storage Boxes

The worry on moving day can often be whether the day will drag on, leaving you unpacking well into the night. Though the team at Bryan Stevens Removals boasts years of experience, you can’t always account for unexpected delays – especially if you’re planning a big move over a long distance. First moving your household furnishings and belongings into storage could be the best option for you, giving you an easy and stress-free move.

  • Total cover for complete peace of mind
  • Personal service
  • We’ll take the headache out of moving day for you
  • We are affordable

Storage Solutions for Removals

1. Peace of mind

Having that day’s cushion can be a godsend. Rather than having your possessions picked up in the morning and then transported to your new home, you can move your things into storage and see them unloaded directly to your new house early the next day.

2. Secure storage

We use storage containers in our fully secured, heated warehouse. We understand how it can feel to leave your precious belongings in the hands of others, so we make sure to take good care of them.

3. Full insurance cover

All of your household furnishings are fully insured from the time that we pick them up, throughout their stay in our warehouse and then right up until they arrive safely in your home.

If our storage solutions are the right fit for your house move, then you can get a free quote and price list here. Bryan Stevens Removals aim to provide you with a hassle-free, quality move whatever your needs may be and are pleased to offer competitive prices with a highly skilled team. Our storage solutions and removals service can be tailored to your requirements, so get in touch today!

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