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It doesn’t matter how many times you have moved in the past, it’s still daunting. You may have little time to prepare or, perhaps have far more belongings that it appears at first glance. Either way, a little planning and preparation with a clear mind can pay dividends. For starters, never leave packing until the last minute as this will only add to the pressure of the removal process. You should also consider hiring a well-known firm for removals in Leamington, to provide professional support and help take the stress out of the process.

Ready to get started?

Make a list

Consider this your priority packing list. Think about the items that can be packed ahead of time. Once you have packed and labelled them, you’ll start to develop some space which is good for self-motivation.

Sell unwanted items

There’s no point packing and moving items you no longer want. Have a car boot sale and earn some cash. Any money made can help with the cost of removals or go towards buying something for your new home. If time is limited, don’t just throw the items away, take them to a charity shop.

Plan the number of packing boxes

It is difficult but try to ascertain how many boxes you will need. Purchase bubble wrap and self-seal bags and markers or labels so you know where to find everything. Take your time and be methodical. Once you start packing, make sure to not overfill boxes. It’s very tempting to fill each box up to the top but remember, someone has to move them! Heavy items should go into small boxes. This makes them easier to manoeuvre but also, prevents the temptation to fill up the box with additional content making it almost impossible to move.

Pack one room at a time

Don’t be disorganised with your packing. Opt to tackle one room at a time. Make sure each box is clearly labelled. Also, state which room it must be unpacked in at the other end. If there are boxes which are load-bearing, list these too. Keep the boxes assigned for specific rooms together. It makes sense to start at the top of the house or at one end and work your way through the rooms in order.

Important documents

It’s all too easy to mislay important documents, so package these all together in just one box. This will keep them safe and make them very easy to find.

If you follow these essential tips, you will find that your move will be relatively straightforward and stress-free.